Zeba TCG Champion
Zeba's TCG image of her as a champion card
Basic Information
Given Name צֶבַע

(pronounced Tzey-b/vah)

Species Unknown
Height 5'2"
Weight Unknown
Age Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Aliases Zeba; Mistress
Occupation Space-Time Traveler; Tourist
Alliance N/A
Family Unknown
Locations of Operations
Place of Birth Somewhere outside of the universe
Current Home Unknown
Previous Homes Unknown
First Appearance
Web Comic
Zeba is the mascot of Ex Dynamis Chaos EDK and a strange girl from somewhere outside of the universe itself.  She has no story of her own, but pops up here and there in many of the other tales because she tends to jump around across time and space.  No one but the Council of Seraphim seems to know where she comes from, but even they aren't permitted to tell other Angels.  Her perception of the timeline isn't ordered the same as everyone else, but she has made close friends with The MetalJacqueline Harper, and a few select others that she has grown fond of.