Valor as he appears in a Hymn of Valor
Basic Information
Given Name Unknown
Species Unknown
Height 3'10"
Weight 52 lbs
Age 9
Date of Birth Unknown
Aliases Valor
Occupation Vigilante Superhero
Locations of Operations
Place of Birth Unknown
Current Home Somewhere in the Dallas/Fort Worth
First Appearance
Web Comic A Hymn of Valor episode 1: Just a Boy
Valor is the main protasgonist of the story A Hymn of Valor.  He was a young boy of unknown origins with incredible abilities that he used to help people.  Valor was apparently well known in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, but seemingly non-existent to everyone outside the metroplex at that time.  Now no one on the planet seems to remembers at all, though tales of his feats stretch throughout the Milky Way Galaxy.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Valor is a fourth grader and small for his age at that.  Under four feet tall and nothing but skin and bones, he is probably the least intimidating being to be that powerful.  Valor is caucasian with platinum blonde hair and crystal blue eyes that on some occassions seem to shine like a blue sun.  He likes to appear in a "traditional super hero attire", though he's actually just wearing sneakers, black gym shorts, and a red t-shirt with a black jersey sown to the shoulders that he flips out like a cape.

Valor is mostly a normal kid, using the term normal as flexibly as possible.  He's athletic, likes to play with his friends, goes to class, has hobbies, and makes a lot of bad decisions out of lack of experience due to his short time being alive.  He's really good at playing pretend, since as soon as he shifts from daylife to Valor his demeanor changes.  Valor is less expressive than the act he puts on as normal kid and also doesn't feel like he has to limit his intellect when talking to adults.  He seems to genuinely like humans, probably because aside from being an anomaly he still very much is one, but feels disconnected and tends to treat them as a collective rather than individuals unless he becomes personally close to one.  It is likely that he suffer from a form of melancholy and the heroics are the only thing that satisfies him.


Mack - despite being playfully antagonistic, Mack seems to be extremely close to Valor.  It is likely that they are related in some fashion based both on how they look, act toward each other, and share similar powers.  Mack is apparently the one that told Valor about his powers.


A Hymn of ValorEdit

Valor Stamp

Story stamp for A Hymn of Valor featuring the titular character

Valor was active between the Summer of 1999 and Fall of 2001.  He spent his time cleaning up the Dallas-Fort Worth area of any major issue. He only encounter normal human criminals and natural disasters up until the late Summer of 2001.  Days after detaining James Warren and school starting back up, the shape shifting demon Mack attacked the City of Dallas and started a chain of super human calamities into action.  After convincing Mack to leave he had to handle Diaphanes, a hyper sonic quickster with a tendency to flip up women's skirts.  Valor beat Diaphanes in a race of which his prize was that the man could no longer use his powers to tease people, but he also ended up with a new ally.

And the next full moon, Mack picked a fight with the only other Anomaly they had crossed: a lady who called herself the Moon Goddess Luna.  After a bit of rough housing, Diaphens wisked Mack away and Valor consoled Luna, making yet another firend.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Valor is an Anomaly and as such the extent of his powers aren't very well known.  All that is understood from Mack's much desired monologue is that they don't exactly work in either a physical or magical way, but rather existential.  Using Existentience they can manipulate the physical world and their interaction with it allowing extreme feats of strength, speed, intellect, and more.  The limit of existential manipulation is currently unknown, but it seems to vary from user to user.

Anomalous Make-up - Although he appears to be a small child, Valor's physical form is super resilient and capable of feats well beyond his mass or stature.  Since he operates on the existential level of the Universe (Entropy and Madness) he can rebuild his form as needed, like after surving a kiloton explosion with minor burns that healed rapidly.  He can even alter his clothing, which is helpful with putting on his costume even when not wearing the outfit that originally inspired it since a kid can't get away with going to school in the same clothes everyday.
Super Durability - Even without healing from ridiculous damage, Valor can outright sustain through most attacks and it appears to take more to damage him as time goes on.  He's had a kiloton bomb dropped on him, been dragged through the concrete at speeds exceding automobiles, punched a mile through various buildings, shot at by highcaliber rounds and energy based projectiles, and a mess of other dnagers.
Super Strength - Valor has the strength of more men than you can count.  He's stopped militarized transport units in their track, ripped apart metal hulls with his bare hands, lept into a tactical helicopter from the ground, caught the same helicopter, and sent Mack flying miles away.
Super Speed - Valor can sustain speeds higher than any vehicle invented, pressing up to Mach 45 in the race between Diaphanes.  Because of his existential influence on his environment he can do so without causing too much damage to his environment, though Diaphanes and him still let off a nasty sonic boom during the race.
Super Intellect - Valors consciousness is not attached to his physical form or brain like most being, but rather his soul.  Due to this he knows and can learn information that not only someone his age shouldn't know, but most creatures in general.  It also allows him to think and percieve thing faster than synapses could possibly fire.  The downside is that despite bieng incredibly smart, he is still just an elementary school student so he doesn't have a lot of experience using said intellect and makes really dumb decisions from time to time.
Matter Manipulation - Existentience allows Valor to manipulate matter in many way, including his clothes, but he can also create it.  Valor likes to create small balls of plasma that he uses for projectiles, though these are in fact small stars that couldn't sustain themselves without Valor's influence and explode on contact.  The light they give off make them appear bigger than they actually are, but because the fission involved Valor keeps his projectiles smaller than the tip of a needle for the safety of those around him and just accerlates it fast enough to get the desired impact force.
Entropic Perception - Although he can still see, smell, feel, taste, and generaly sense the Universe in the same way normal humans do, Valor typically doesn't bother to since he has a more effective way to percieve the world.  Having a connection to the Entropic Field, the most base coding of the Universe, he can sense everything that happens within the limited radius of his current maximum peripheral. It is because of this that Valor can know the exact location and armaments of every soldier in side a bus before entering or located a man who can refract energy in a way that makes him invisible on every wavelength of light.


Acting - Valor has to pretend to be someone he's not every single day.  Not only can he replace his normal melancholy with a chipper "can-do" attitude and make friends with just about every, but he's become so good at pretending that he can emulate what he'd be like as if his powers weren't even there by ignoring them.  This allows him to compete fairly with other children and make it believable that he and his alter ego could never be the same person.  Though his does come in first place a lot so it can't be certain he doesn't let up on the act a little every so often.
Martial Arts - He's been learning different forms of combat since he was five since it is a hobby of his.  Even in his day life many people wonder where he learned as much as he has since the boy had yet to be enrolled in a single class, but it was actually Mack that taught him almost everything he knew.
Quick Wit - Even without powers Valor has a naturally quick wit and is extremely good at improvising, which gives him an unpredictable edge against better long term planners like Mack.