The Metal
The Metal on phone
The Metal as he appears in Ex Dynamis Chaos
Basic Information
Given Name Unknown
Species Human?
Height 5'6"
Weight Unknown
Age Unknown
Date of Birth December 2 of an unknown year
Aliases The Metal
Occupation Professional Freelancer; Martial Artist
Alliance The Professional Freelancers
Family The Kidd [brother];

Joe the Short [brother]

Locations of Operations
Place of Birth Unknown
Current Home Dallas, Texas
First Appearance
Web Comic Ex Dynamis Chaos Ep. 1 - Professional Freelancers; page 2
The Metal is the main protagonist of Ex Dynamis Chaos and is the only character to appear in every single episode.  In the story, The Metal leads a team of "professional freelancers" who take on odd jobs and task that other people refuse to take, often in the direction of the paranormal or outright insane.  He is characterized by generally wearing mostly black with all of his clothes bearing the Chinese symbol (jīn), his rich blue eyes, and his bright blonde hair.  The Metal is considered by many to be a reckless and dangerous individual who will put his own life in peril just to claim victory and uses very obscure yet effective tactics to solve his way around problems, preferring no one knows exactly what is going on at any point in time aside from himself.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

The Metal

Creator's render of The Metal

The Metal is about five and a half feet tall and completely lean muscle on a slender figure.  He has very bright blonde hair and clear blue blues.  Most of the time he can be found wearing a custom-made, black do'gi with the Chinese symbol for "metal" on it as well as varying amounts of training weights.

The Metal can be hard to pin down at the time, both figuratively and literally, but there are certain things about him that can be said for sure.  He is an egotistical maniac that hates the very idea of losing and often goes out of his way just to make life more interesting for himself and everyone around him regardless of whether they want him to or not.  He's the kind of guy that can't seem to mesh with a normal day job, so he spends his time "freelancing" and taking all the crackpot gigs no one else would be insane enough to accept.  It's not really sure how he still has any friends, but despite all the awful things he does most people seem to genuinely like the guy.  Go figure.

Notable RelationshipsEdit

The Kidd - The Metal's younger brother.  He sometimes gets roped into jobs with him, but often refuses to listen to his older brother's direction.
Joe the Short - The Metal's youngest brother. These two aren't exactly on good terms after Joe stole his airship, the Chrysanthemum.  Despite that, The Metal still helped Joe out when it mattered and an undead bounty hunter was trying to collect his soul.
Sentri Sable - The Metal's closest and longest consistent friend.  These two go back so far that it is almost like they are brothers themselves, more so than The Metal's actual family at times.  Of all his allies, Sentri is the one The Metal calls on when it matters most to him.
Buck - The Metal's most reliable friend.  They haven't been friends as long as Sentri, but still longer back than the story takes place.  Buck is around The Metal more often than anyone else, even to the point that he learns the martial art The Metal created.  Buck gets angry at The Metal a lot, but there isn't much he wouldn't do for him and vice versa.  
Laney Lin - A stalker of The Metal.  They used to be friends and even worked together a lot on gigs, but she slowly fell in love with her mentor and he had to break the partnership off.  Despite being clear that he is not interested in her romantically, Laney continues to pursue him, even threatening to kill The Metal at times while deluded by the heat of her passion.
Kavikaru - An old friend of The Metal.  They often are pitted against each other due to the nature of their work but harbor no hard feelings because a job is just a job.
Pitaya - Another friend of The Metal.  They've worked on a lot of projects together in the past, but both being great fighters and scientists in their own right often creates situations of rivalry.  Of all his friends from prior to Ex Dynamis Chaos, Pitaya is the only one The Metal takes seriously when fighting.
Shadow - Another old friend of The Metal.  They've known each other since middle school and Shadow was even with him during the events of the Chinese International Martial Arts Championship.


Prior to Ex Dynamis Chaos, The Metal made the decision to work solely in private contracts of various professions instead of typical employment, which is why he refers to himself and anyone he drags along on a gig as the Professional Freelancers.  He has done many jobs in the paranormal field particularly, such as Buck mentioning that a few years back The Metal and Lord Pitaya brought down the old Cowboy's Stadium after awakening a pandimensional demon.  At some point during this time he met Laney Lin (who used to work with him before she became his stalker), built the airship Chrysanthemum that Joe the Short eventually stole, won the Chinese International Martial Arts Championship, and created the King Kong of Combat underground tournament that he's won every time he's entered.

Ex Dynamis ChaosEdit

Metal Stamp
The events of Ex Dynamis Chaos begin when Sentri returns to the States after being out of town for quite some time.  The Metal ropes him and The Kidd into hunting a succubus in Corpus Christi, TX.  After that jumps from gig to gig, including delivering packages and dealing with demonic-vampire hooligans, until his underground tournament starts in the Fall.  After the prelims, he goes to New Mexico and rescues aliens from the nasty Jerome Gallegher, whom really dislikes The Metal.  During the semifinals, he draws in a fight against Pitaya and doesn't take it well.  They take a trip to China for training, though are stopped on the way to help Joe the Short out with trouble from the Hexxhunter in Hong Kong.  During the fight with the Hexxhunter, The Metal dies from a 2 gauge round to the head but comes back to life after being taunted by a voice in his head.  After defeating the Hexhunter they continue to the Proving Grounds in China for their training.  The Metal defeats a giant serpent dragon they refer to as Jinlong, he creates his martial art named Xing yunshi Quan, and make their way back home.  Immediately upon returning, The Metal initiates round 2 with Pitaya, who had also improved through a machine that brings someone to their max potential and effectively resetting it.  After finding that out, The Metal hops in the machine in the middle of the fight and overloads it while destroying the Lab yet again in the process.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As far as anyone knows The Metal is human, but he really pushes the line of what that means.  Through extreme training, he's achieved incredible speed and strength as well as great fighting skill, but he's become stronger than he should by any of those methods and gained an incredible power boost after reviving himself from the dead.  He also jumped into Pitaya's Power Enhancement Chamber, but we aren't quite sure how that is going to affect him yet.


Super Strength - It is easy to tell with his weights off, but The Metal has developed strength beyond what humans are capable.  He's thrown motorcycles, ripped off the cockpit door of a commercial airplane, and during the fight with Pitaya delivered consecutive punches each with the force of 123,000 N (547,000 lbs of force or 25 1/3 grams of TNT).
Super Speed - Not very fast compared to vehicles, but by humans standards, The Metal blows away the normal competition.  In episode 2 of Ex Dynamis Chaos he was hitting about 40mph in rollerblades while pushing himself, but since has easily closed distances on foot at closer to 60+mph.
Super Durability - The Metal has died at least once, but he didn't let that keep him down for more than mere seconds.  Otherwise, he has survived damage that would total a tank.  He was dragged across rooftops at local road speeds and fell from five stories up while fighting a succubus, kept moving while overexerting himself and being electrocuted simultaneously, whipped around and cratered from several stories up by Pitaya, withstood punches from a power-armor, and survived flames of about 3,000K without burns.
Super Stamina - He's always managed to last longer than most, but after dying and reviving The Metal claims he hadn't slept since.  At this point, he would have gone well over two weeks so far, but he doesn't seem affected by it.  Since then he also hasn't appeared to get exhausted.
Heightened Sense - After coming back from the dead, The Metal has been able to perceive the world in a different way.  He has trouble describing entirely what that means, but he could see with his own eyes the energy trails of the particle manipulation Pitaya was performing.


Martial Arts - The Metal has been practicing various forms of combat and martial arts like Judo, Jujutsu, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kenpo, and Shaolin Five Animals Style Kung Fu, for most of his life.  Apparently, he picked up Bak Fu Pai (White Tiger Style), a widely thought extinct style that remains mostly underground amongst the family of the old royal guard, from his oldest friend and used it to win the Chinese International Martial Arts Championship.  He also formed his own style called Xing yunshi Quan, but overall he finds styles limiting and just wings it.
Improvisation - When he isn't out running amuck, The Metal spends a good chunk of his free time studying a wide variety of subjects as a hobby.  Even if he'll never use the information he learns, he enjoys knowing new things.  Coupling that with his natural ability to recognize patterns and problem solve it him proficient at going in without a concrete plan and figuring things out as he goes along.  It's not always the best idea as it can backfire, but typically it is hard to counter someone's plan when they don't even know what it is yet.  He's mostly also gotten really lucky so far.
Engineering - The Metal makes his own explosives and traps at home and has also built a fully functioning airship with his younger brother.  He usually contracts Pitaya for the equipment he has his friends use, but The Metal is mostly self-reliant when it comes to his personal equipment.


Weighted Gear - The Metal is always training even when he's not because he wears increasingly heavier weights on his body at almost all times.  They force his body to work harder as if he actually weighed that much, which in theory tighten his muscles and form his bones denser.  Of course with his current set at roughly a ton, a weight no human could obtain naturally, there has to be a supernatural element behind his growth.
Electromagnetic Psionic Pistols - Pistols that fire concussive blasts instead of bullets.  Not quite sure what the shockwave is made out of, but the guns are powered by the life energy of the user.
The Orange Canister - A bomb of his own design the size of a soda can.  It has a payload of 20 kilotons of TNT.
The Cyan Canister - Another bomb of his design the same size.  It creates an endothermic reaction that flash freezes whatever retains surface contact within a quarter mile radius of the detonation; functioning like it reverses the flow of conduction.