The Kidd
The Kidd first appearance
The Kidd as he appears in the web comic
Basic Information
Given Name Unknown
Species Human?
Height 5'5"
Weight 128 lb
Age Unknown
Date of Birth September 14 of an unknown year; two years after The Metal
Aliases The Kidd
Occupation Gamer; Freelance Hero
Family The Metal (older brother)
Locations of Operations
Place of Birth Unknown
Current Home Dallas, TX
First Appearance
Web Comic Ex Dynamis Chaos episode 1: Professional Freelancers; page 5
The Kidd is a supporting protagonist in Ex Dynamis Chaos and is the younger brother of The Metal.  Though they have many similar qualities, The Kidd does not share his brother's enthusiasm for the martial arts and putting himself in active danger.  He loves the supernatural and the investigative side of paranormal phenomenon, but once things get heated up he'd rather leave the messy stuff to The Metal.  The Kidd doesn't actively put up with his brother's state of control, but is often punished for it physically and ends up abiding anyway.  He often calls The Metal out on his malarkey and argues with him a lot despite most of the others in their group being too afraid of the consequences.

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