Sentri Sable
Sentri Sable driving
Sentri as he appears in the web comic
Basic Information
Given Name Unknown
Species Human
Height 6'1"
Weight 146 lb
Age Unknown
Date of Birth July 1 of an unknown year; the year after The Metal
Aliases Sentri Sable
Occupation Various day jobs; Freelance Hero
Alliance Professional Freelancers
Relationship Unknown wife
Locations of Operations
Place of Birth Unknown
Current Home Unknown
First Appearance
Web Comic Ex Dynamis Chaos Ep 1: Professional Freelancers
Sentri Sable is a supporting protagonist in Ex Dynamis Chaos as well as the closest and most trusted ally of The Metal.  According to The Metal, he and Sentri have known each other since the third grade and he has been calling the shots ever since.  It is inferred that Sentri's only responsibilities as far as The Metal is concerned are driving and being bait, though it is shown that The Metal is fine with doing all the dirty work and distracting people while his friend gets the job done.  Sentri is quick, cunning, and caring, though he sometimes comes off as a tad bit naive despite how much to which he has been exposed.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Sentri Sable

Sentri Sable as rendered by the creator.

Sentri is a tall, lean, and dark haired Human.  Like many of his friends he has a unique style of his own, including his googles and personalized jacket.  Other than that he dresses much like anyone else.  He used to grow his facial hair out, but The Metal started making everyone shave when they go on missions.

He is a pretty chill guy overall and has a lot in common with The Metal, though a lot of his outward calmness comes from subverting his naturally introverted tendencies.  He's known The Metal longer than most, so almost nothing weird that happens anymore catches him off guard.  This has become his normal life and he's adjusted to it better than others.  He let's a lot of things slide on past him, but is stern when he needs to put his foot down.

Notable RelationshipsEdit

The Metal - They've been friends for far too long and have rubbed off a lot on each other.  They can often perform complicated tasks together without needing communication.
Buck - Originally became friends through The Metal.  They get along fairly well when he isn't around, but these days that doesn't seem to happen often.
The Kidd - They're friends in the similar way that anyone tends to be with the sibling of a closer friend.  They seem to get along just fine, they just don't hangout without The Metal.
Joe the Short - Unlike with The Metal's other brother, Sentri and Joe don't get along.  Likely because Sentri tends to look out for others first while Joe only really looks out for himself.
Pitaya - Knew each other from school.  They don't really interact any more unless The Metal causes some trouble.
Kavikaru - Also knew each other back in school.  These two were a bit closer, but have since went different ways.
Laney Lin - Used to work together back when she studied under The Metal.  They genuinely enjoyed working together, but everything went south after she confessed her love to The Metal and was rejected then subsequently fired.  Apparently something happened during that whole event and they are a bit antagonistic toward each other.


Sentri, like many of the others, has been running on various jobs with The Metal long before the events of Ex Dynamis Chaos.  He's considered The Metal's most trusted ally and has such been on more crucial gigs than anyone else.  There was a point in time when it was just him, The Metal, and Laney Lin, but they refuse to talk about it.  For awhile after that event Sentri had to take some alone time to clear some things.

Ex Dynamis ChaosEdit

Metal Stamp
Returning to town for already less than a day, Sentri is suckered into yet another job with The Metal.  They head down to Corpus Christi, Texas to hunt a succubus where Sentri was used as bait. After returning he spends a lot of time helping out his old church until The Metal needed him again to help deliver a package to Laney Lin because Kavikaru was getting in the way.  Later on he was caught up in the middle of The Metal's underground fighting tournament and ran back into Laney Lin again.  The next day they took a job in New Mexico that involved them rescuing some aliens from a military commander The Metal previously pissed off.  He then accompanies The Metal to his fight with Lord Pitaya, but this was all really pushing on his schedule so went books a flight to Hong Kong.  Little did Sentri know that Buck and The Metal would also be on the flight since they were rerouting in Hong Kong as well to get to China their preferred way.  Before they could reach the island, Joe the Short hijacked their plane and convinces them to save him from the Hexxhunter.  Sentri manages to keep Joe alive while The Metal held the Hexxhunter off, died, came back to life, and eventually killed the jerk.  During the brief repreave he receives, Sentri spends time with his family who don't live in the states anymore for uncler reasons.  He accompanies The Metal back to the rematch with Pitaya, though the fight goes wrong after The Metal overloads the Power Enhancement Chamber and nearly kills everyone as it explodes.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As of now it appears that Sentri is a normal human with no special powers, though he has become a rather skilled individual through his life as well as being involved with The Metal for so long.


Martial Arts - Not an avid practioner like some of the others, but he learned some Tae Kwon Do as a kid and picked up some other various techniques from The Metal.
Sharpshooting - Sentri has always had an affinity for projectiles and has become quite good with guns having to watch The Metal's back.  He prefers tranquilizers and the EPPs because he detests murder, but will use high caliber rounds when necessary.
Law and Finances - It is almost entirely The Metal's fault that he has become so skilled in the fields of law and finances.  The Metal creates a lot of chaos and the responsibility of cleaning it up has fallen on Sentri.