Purrcilla Nekomimi
Purrcy on scooter
Purrcy as she appears in Ex Dynamis Chaos
Basic Information
Given Name Priscilla Carpenter
Species Nekomimi
Height 5'
Weight 135lbs
Age Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Aliases Purrcy
Occupation Delivery Girl
Alliance Neko Meet-yo Needs Delivery Service
Family Unknown
Locations of Operations
Place of Birth Unknown
Current Home Dallas, Texas
First Appearance
Web Comic Ex Dynamis Chaos Ep. 2 - Magnetic Mayhem; page 15
Purrcilla "Purrcy" Nekomimi is a supporting character in Ex Dynamis Chaos and one of the many girls The Metal has dated. She wasn't always a catgirl, but upon volunteering for the initial experiment that created the Nekomimi she changed her name from Priscilla Carpenter to match her new life. She currently works as the Dallas/Fort Worth representative for the black market organization "Neko Meet-yo Needs Delivery Service." She is a bit hung up on The Metal and understandably so since it is difficult to find a guy that sees you as a girl first and not fetish fodder with the way she looks.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit


Terzich's rendering of Purrcy

Being a Nekomimi, Purrcy has cat-like ears, eyes, nose, mouth, claws, and tail. She also happens to be covered in strawberry blonde fur, except for her scalp which retained its natural walnut brown color from before the experiment. Aside from the oddities of being a catgirl, Purrcy is noted as being rather short and buxome. Although any Nekomimi could tank most highspeed road accidents just fine, she still wears her leather jacket and pants along with her helmet and goggles when biking around out of habbit. Otherwise she is wearing typical low cut women's fashion that properly displays her figure and, as she has hinted herself, expensive lingerie beneath just in case her evenings turn out well.

Purrcy is a very chipper and romantic girl overall. While she loves her job, the only things she really enjoys doing are dating and going on adventurous vacations. She is pretty much always in a good mood and treats most people in general in a pleasant and aggreeable manner. Though, she has a short fuse that can be tripped pretty easily if something gets in the way of the few luxuries inlife she actually enjoys.

Notable RelationshipsEdit

The Metal - They dated exclusively for about six months straight awhile back and then dated sporadically since. They have fairly good chemistry, but just don't click long term. The Metal has trouble sticking around anywhere for too long even though he tends to always come back home eventually, but it's strenuous on any relationship. Conversely, Purrcy can't really find anyone else in the area that sees her for who she is and tends to attract perverts with a furry fetish otherwise, so she tends to hook up with him from time to time out of emotional necessity more than anything else.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit