Lord Pitaya
Lord Pitaya TCG Hero
Pitaya's TCG image depicting The Metal and him fighting in EDK episode 6
Basic Information
Given Name Unknown
Species Human (enhanced)
Height 6'2"
Weight Undisclosed
Age Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Aliases Lord Pitaya
Occupation Scientist
Alliance Pitaya Laboratories
Locations of Operations
Place of Birth Unknown
Current Home South Dallas Area, Texas
First Appearance
Web Comic Ex Dynamis Chaos episode 6: A Touch of Tea and a Hint of Science
Pitaya was first mentioned in Ex Dynamis Chaos episode 2: Magnetic Mayhem as a mutual friend of both The Metal and Kavikaru, as well as the creator of Kavi's electromagnetic rollerblades.  He is the owner and operator of Pitaya Laboratories and that is really all that is known about him at this time.  Though his is mentioned a few times, Pitaya does not make his first appearance until episode 6: A Touch of Tea and a Hint of Science where he and The Metal are set to battle for the semi-final round of the tournament.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit


Creator's concept render of Pitaya

Based on the creator's rendering of Pitaya, he has long, brownish hair, blueish eyes, and a mixed hefty/muscular figure.  He is described as standing just above six feet tall with more than enough weight to back it up.  Pitaya is almost always wearing a labcoat if he has anything to say about it; sleeves optional.

Like most of The Metal's friends, Pitaya is about as peculiliar as the main character of Ex Dynamis Chaos himself.  The man is a tea enthuthiast and a technician who locks himself away in the Lab for hours on end perfecting his techniques.  Similarly to everyone else in their circle, he is very overtop in both his dialect and actions.  Pitaya prefers to be refered to by the title Lord and has even seized ownership of an island just so The Metal would do so as well, but to no avail.


The Metal - The relationship between Pitaya and The Metal appears to be rather strained at times, especially in episodes 6 and 12 of Ex Dynamis Chaos where they rough it out for an underground tournament, but they are very clearly friends.  Pitaya has helped build The Metal's Electromagnetic Psionic Pistols named Azrael and Uriel as well as helping him bullet proof the Professional Freelancers' work van.  During their match, mutual friend Kavikaru explains that The Metal is tense like he is anytime he fights a close friend.
Kavikaru - Likely Pitaya's closest friend to appear in the story, Kavi just seems to pop up when the mad scientist is involved.  Kavi seems to root for Pitaya during the fight with The Metal, even betting on him, though it isn't made clear if this is because he wants Pitaya to win or The Metal to lose.  He also volunteers as a guinea pig for Pitaya's research, including testing out the Electromagnetic Rollerblades and the Power Enhancement Treatment Chamber.


Ex Dynamis ChaosEdit

Even before he shows up, Pitaya is mentioned a few times in Act 1 of Ex Dynamis Chaos.  He has known The Metal for quite sometime before the story began.  The stories may or may not be reliable according to Buck but he has gotten into trouble with The Metal, including potentially awaking and murdering a pandimensional being.

In A Touch of Tea and a Hint of Science, Pitaya makes his first appearance as The Metal's oppenent in the underground fighting tournament he takes place in every year.  The two duke it out in the Lab and nearly destroying the entire building.  The battle resulted in a draw, which would normally go to the point leader but The Metal is stubborn and refused to win that way.  After an undetermined legnth of training and preperation, the two engaged in a rematch twice as brutal as the first due to both fighters improved physicalability as well as Pitaya's gauntlets that allow him to better manipulate the atoms around him.  The match finished with The Metal hopping into the Power Enhancement Treatment Chamber and almost destroying the Lab yet again.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Pitaya is technically only human, but through a combination of physical training, science, and odd happenings, he has surpassed what would be considered peak human levels.


Super Strength - Even before going through his Power Enhancement Treatment, Pitaya's strength was still relatively ridiculous compared to normal humans.  Though with some strain, he was able to sling The Metal around frantically who had enough weights strapped on him that he surpassed 500 lbs.  After the treatment, he was able to send The Metal flying while wearing around a ton of weights.  His current effortless lifting strength is no less than 3000 lbs, which is aproximately how much the titanium beam he swung around wieghed.
Super Speed - Not as noticeable compared to some of the others, but Pitaya's speed is much faster than a normal human.  After the Power Enhancement Treatment, he is able to surpass The Metal while still wearing his weights and almost keep up with them off.  There is no current point of reference but he likely faster than either The Metal or Kavi were before the first fight, putting him at no less than 60 mph but likely higher.
Super Durability - Pitaya has tanked numerous blows from The Metal, being thrown through concrete walls at the speed of a truck, and crashing back through a warehous sized building and leaving a crater in the ground, all of which he gets up and walks away without much sustained damage.  Even going off of a single punch by The Metal at the time Semifinals, Pitaya can easily sustain 123,000 N (547,000 lbs of force) repeatedly over a prolonged fight.
Thermodynamic Manipulation - Pitaya has the ability to agitate the atoms in the near vicinity to his body.  This allows him to either super heat the air directly around him and surfaces he touches up to thousands of degrees kelvin and conduct electricity through contact.


Gifted Intellect - Pitaya is practically a genius by most regards.  He spends much of his time inventing or partaking in activities that provoke the mind.  His intellect allows him to recognize patterns easily which helps him greatly in a fight, even against opponents significantly more skilled them him.



Thermodynamic Amplification Guantlets - Gloves Pitaya invented to give him better control over his Thermodynamic Manipulation.
Metal Folding Chair - He likes to throw these things at people.

Other EquipmentEdit

Tea - Pitaya almost always has a cup of tea on him if he is at home or working.  He is a manner of finer things.
Power Enhancement Treatment Chamber - A mchine Pitaya invented that brings someone to their native potential and effectively resets their limits so they can train even harder.