Mack, the Shape Shifting Demon
Mack as he appears in A Hymn of Valor Episode 2: The Day It All Changed
Basic Information
Given Name Unknown
Species Demon?
Height 5'6"
Weight Unknown
Age Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Aliases Mack
Locations of Operations
Place of Birth Unknown
Current Home Limbo
First Appearance
Web Comic A Hymn of Valor - Episode 2: The Day It All Changed
Mack is an antogonist in A Hymn of Valor first appearing in Episode 2: The Day It All Changed, where he does a great deal of damage to the city of Dallas.  Not much is known about him at all except that he has history with Valor and is considered equal in power to him.  Mack also has the seemingly magical ability to summon a guitar and transform it into various weapons or even use it destructively in native form, though this is like not the same as changing a normal weapon into an instrument like Laney Lin does in Ex Dynamis Chaos Episode 4: Fighting For Fall as he creates the instrument himself and is likely linked to his strange powers of shape shifting.  At the end of the episode Mack leaves in a fit after being thrown in the Trinity River and claiming to be no longer having fun.

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A Hymn of ValorEdit

Valor Stamp

Story stamp for A Hymn of Valor featuring the titular character

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