Laney Lin
Laney Lin TCG
Laney as she appears in EDK episode 4
Basic Information
Given Name Milana Collins
Species Human (Aesir descent)
Height 5'8"
Weight 134 lbs
Age Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Aliases Laney Lin; Looney Lin
Occupation Pop/Rock Idol
Locations of Operations
Place of Birth Unknown
Current Home Unknown
First Appearance
Web Comic Ex Dynamis Chaos episode 4: Fighting for Fall
Milana Collins is an antognist in Ex Dynamis Chaos and is referred to as one of The Metal's many "unrequitteds", which is just what he and Sentri Sable call his several stalkers.  Between meeting The Metal and the present day she has become an alternative rock star turned pop idol due to her record company catering to her larger audience, a decision that angered Kavikaru and caused him to try and sabotage her recent performance.  In episode four, Fighting for Fall, Laney hires the former world champion of the Chinese freestyle open, Mr. Sumo, to kill The Metal, but that fails along with her more personal hands-on attempt.  Laney is the descendant of the Norse god Baldor and can mystically transmute musical instruments into weapons because to that.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Laney Lin

Creator's render of Milana Collins

Laney shows up wearing a frilly yet revealing stage outfit and her green-dyed, curly hair tied up in pigtails.  She is a bit taller than The Metal, but smaller than Sentri.  She is described as freckled, but the creator never seems to draw her with them, likely because he either forgets or is lazy.  In renders by the creator she also always appears with a full, buxome figure, which likely aided in her rise to fame.

She has a vivid yet clam attitude about her.  Likely from knowing The Metal for sometime.  She happens to be obsessed with the guy and it completely takes over her personality when he is around.  Apparently she wasn't always this was, but it's isn't yet clear how she end up like that.


The Metal - Laney and The Metal go back a ways and she fell madly in love with him, literally.  despite having a demanding day job of writing, recording, and performing music, she manages to come up with elaborate plans to try and get him to marry her.
Sentri Sable - He seems to know Laney as well from back when she was on good terms with The Metal.  There were all lgood friends at one time before she went crazy.
Kavikaru - Kavi was a big fan of her music back when she wrote more electronic and rock sounding tunes, but despises her for selling out and doing lowest common denominator pop.  He was so upset that he intrcepted her mail and packages when she was in town in spite.  She is unaware of his existence.
Mr. Sumo - She hired him to subdue The Metal, but he was unsuccesful at that.


Prior to Ex Dynamis Chaos, Laney Lin was known to work with The Metal and Sentri on various jobs.  They had a falling out after she fell in love with The Metal and was immediately fired.  Sometime after that she became a performing artist and slowly tranisitioned from Alternative Rock to Pop.  This made a lot of her hardcore fans upset, but her total fanbase went up more than ten fold.

Ex Dynamis ChaosEdit

Metal Stamp
Laney first appears in Fighting for Fall where tries to potentially kill The Metal while he is being bombarded by wannabe combatants in an underground tournament.  She hired Mr. Sumo to do the job, but after he failed she had to try and take him out herself.  The battle ended with her yet again being tied up, this time to Mr. Sumo, as The Metal leaves walks away without a care in the world.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Lanely Lin is technically human, but she descends from the Aesir Baldor so she has the ability to not only use music offensively but transform instruments into weapons for combat.


Child of Baldor - As a descendant of Baldor she can tranform musical instruments into weapons and use music to harm people.


Gifted Musicians - It may also be a side effect of being related to Baldor, but Laney is very talented in the all thing music.  Despite selling out and pumping out tasteless pop music, Miss Collins still writes and performs everything herself without a production team overseeing her work.



Microphone - Laney keeps a stage mic wrapped up on her at all time that she can -whip- out in case she winds up in a tustle.
Guitarhander - She is a fan of the Germanic Zweihander (Two-hander) and prefers that form for the guitars she picks up for combat.