Kavi as he appears in Ex Dynamis Chaos
Basic Information
Given Name Unknown
Species Human
Height 6'
Weight 180 lb
Age Unknown
Date of Birth July 16 of an unknown year; same year as The Metal
Aliases Kavikaru Tamaduya (legal alias)
Alliance Pitaya Laboratories
Locations of Operations
Place of Birth Unknown
Current Home Dallas, TX
First Appearance
Web Comic Terzich's Codex: Hammerspace
Kavi is first introduced in Ex Dynamis Chaos episode 2: Magnetic Mayhem as the chapter's antagonist but is also shown to know The Metal personally when trying to convince him to relinquish the package meaning it may have only been a one-time rivalry.  He is described as being very tall, slender, and dark of skin.  Kavi is defined as someone who values speed over all other physical aspects and was at the time wearing specially crafted, electromagnetic rollerblades made for him by Pitaya at Pitaya Laboratories.  As shown in his first appearance, Kavi is anything but arrogant and can be quite witty, but he can allow his emotional drive to get the better of him and be outsmarted in that state.