Jacky Harper
Jackrabbit hero
Jacky in her loathed cheerleader outfit.
Basic Information
Given Name Jacqueline Harper
Species Human (most of the time)
Height 5'9"
Weight 148 lbs
Age 15
Date of Birth March 28 (unknown year)
Aliases Jacky; the Jackrabbit
Occupation High School Student; Cheer Captain; High School Soccer Player (starting playmaker); Vigilante Superhero
Family Pierre Harper (father); Hilda Harper (mother)
Relationship Francis (boyfriend)
Locations of Operations
Place of Birth Unknown
Current Home Seattle, WA
First Appearance
Web Comic
Comics The Outstanding Jack Rabbit # 01: A Hare-y Situation
Jacqueline "Jacky" Harper is the main protagonist of The Outstanding Jack Rabbit.  On a bus ride to one of the earlier away games in the school year, the cheer team's bus wound up in a horrible crash that killed everyone on board.  Luckily, Miss Harper was launched from the bus before it exploded, but it seemed like it would only prolong her in joining her classmates briefly.  Contrary to what she expected, Jacky woke up sometime later and walked home without any injuries.  She later found out that she survived thanks to a an urban legend know as the White Rabbit donating his powers to her.  Now, for no less than the next half year, Jacky must become the Jackrabbit any time life is in peril.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Jacky Harper

Jacky's normal form as drawn by the creator


The Outstanding Jackrabbit as drawn by the creator

Currently Jacky stands at around 5'9" from heel to crown, though will likely end up taller since both of her parents a 6' or so.  She has s mid-tone skin color mixing from her Haitian father and her Scandanavian mother.  She also has long, dark brown hair and crystal blue eyes.  Miss Harper has a very athletic body that she typically dresses in somewhat girly clothes that can very in color but are more often than not pink or purple.

After turning into the Jackrabbit, she appears much taller though that is mostly from her posture standing up on the balls of her elongated rabbit like feet and the huge ears budding from the to of her skull.  This easily puts her of 6' but otherwise she is still about 5'9" from heel to crown.  Her eyes turn green fur resembling the pattern similar to a real jackrabbit, which is actually a hare, covers her entire body.  Though the fur can only be seen on her head, hands, feet, and newly grown tail, as the rest of her body is covered in her new outfit.  Her torso is covered with dark green leotard with black leggings shooting out the bottom.  Jacky also gains these orange-gold flexible, but hard, armor pieces that resemble a collar and belt sporting a green gem and pairs of arm and leg warmers.

Jacky acts very sociable out of necesity due to her mother's push to be competitive and popular, but she's actually extremely introspective and would keep to herself if left alone.  Jacky has a constant stream of self narration in her head and relies more on her active intellect rather than instinct.  This is also a main fear in being the Jackrabbit since the guardian form does a lot on its own without Jacky's conscious input.  She also used to be a fanatical meat eater, but has since been forced to eat ruffage due to the change in her bodily systems.  Jacky also has an axiety problem that was kept mostly in control, but brought back out after the bus accident.


Pierre Harper - Jacky's father.  He is an extremely gifted geneticist from Les Cayes, Haiti who become an American citizen through government relocation after being snatched up for his genius.  Jacky doesn't get to see him a lot because of his work, but at least it has gained them a really nice house.
Hilda Harper - Jacky's mother.  Her past is extremely sketchy because neither she nor Pierre will talk about it.  Jacky doesn't know her mother's maiden name or what country she is even from.  All she knows is that her mom was already here legally before she got married, is a successful swimsuit model, and somehow met her dad through their work crossing even though it makes no sense why a geneticist would ever meet a swimsuit model through work.  Hilda is also the reason Jacky is forced to engage in activities that will help her leadership, keep her competitive, and even show off her beauty; cheerleading was the most normal gig in that alley.
Francis - Jacky's boyfriend.  Francis is very chill and collective.  He is very low maintenance, which fits Jacky's forcibly busy lifestyle and distant personality perfectly.  He's about the only thing in her life she doesn't have to stress about and even helps her stay calm when her anxiety started acting up after the bus accident.
Birger, son of Eric - A norse man who has been the White Rabbit and saving the greater Seattle area behind the scenes for the last millenium.  He lent his powers to Jacky to save her life and now won't leave her alone until he gets them back.


The Outstanding Jack Rabbit!Edit

Jacky Stamp

Story stamp for the Outstanding Jack Rabbit featuring the titular character in both her human and guardian form.

On a way to a big out of town game, Jacky's bus suddenly flips over and flings her out of the window only to watch her squad explode before passing out to accept the embrace of death.  Luckily for her, if that's your opinion, an urban legend known as the White Rabbit saved her life by donating his powers, which come from a guardian spirit, to her for a short time.  After walking back to Seattle, she returns to school the next day and joins the soccer team as their new playmaker to appease her mother's expectations.  After school she goes out with Francis when all of a sudden she has to run to the restroom as she tranformed into an antrhopamorphic bunnygirl.   With the advice of the former White Rabbit, Jacky heads to downtown, puts out a fire, kill a Sha (set beast), and officially begins her life as the Jackrabbit.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Jacky receives all of her powers from the a guardian spirit. The spirit was first gifted to Birger, son of Eric preserve the sanctity of life (fight Madness) and give extreme speed, healing, and instincts.  The powers also have the side effect of transforming the body, often against the host's will, to look like a rabbit for the powers to be fully effective.

Transformation - Jacky can (has to) transform into the Jackrabbit to use the full extent of her powers and save the people around her.
Super Speed - She can reach speeds that seem unfathomable.  So far she can run fast enough that moving cars look slow and she loses track of where she is or how much distance she covered.  She was also able to put a buring building out by creating a suction vortex around it as well as running straight up the side of the building.
Healing Factor - The reason Jacky was given the powers was to stop her from dying.  The spirit will do everything it can to prevent its host from dying and will regenerate within seconds from most mortal wounds.  The spirit could be overtaxed to the point the healing factor stopped working, but Birger has been alive for the last millenium so no one knows what that limit means.
The Spirits Instincts - The spirit Jacky hosts is a being of instinct, which is good because Jacky would not yet be physically able to use her powers otherwise.  It seems to slow time and can react to anything as fast as herself or slower.  It also lets her always land on her feet and find the fastest path between two points.


Even before becoming a super hero, Jacky has had an assortment of skills from being in soccer and gymnastics as a kid, to science fairs, beauty pagents, and cheerleading throughout her life.

Althleticism - Jacky has been active her entire life.  her body is lean and flexible due to years of sports, gymnastics, and cheerleading.
Leadership - Jacky doesn't like to admit it since she'd prefer to be alone, but after being forced into team sports and cheerleading for so long she has become an excellent leader.  Just processes information about the situation at hand and her team's assets quickly and puts them to good use.
Intelligence - She inherited a knack for science and mathematics from her father. She's won many science fairs with inventive contraptions and is a straight A student in every subject.  Her downfall is that her anxiety makes her doubt her own intellect regardless that she is correct most of the time.
Performance - Being forced into popularity through beauty pageants and cheerleading, Jacky has become really good at fooling people.  She can change her outward character like a flip of a switch to be the person she needs to be at the time.  It puts a bit of a toll on her as it drains her emotional energy, but has been necessary to her survival over the years.