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Humans, or Homo Sapiens, are a Hominid species from Earth [地球] that has achieved both sentience and sapience. As far as anyone knows they evolved around 200,000 or more years before the events of Ex Dynamis Chaos and they've been pushing the rest of the planet around ever since. Like many Hominid species, they've spent the majority of their time developing tools, increasing their knowledge and skills, and depleting their planet of resources, mostly in an attempt to kill each other. In the current age Humans have just barely scratched the surface of space travel and are mostly unaware that they are a hot spot for interstellar tourism, let alone that such life even exists.

Although Humans originate from Earth and have yet to achieve faster than light travel, they somehow colonized the far off planet Mandara [曼达拉] around 6,000 years before they even invented basic space travel. The grouping hasn't been separated long enough that they can reproduce with Earthlings but there are some differences from living on the planet, like a denser bone structure and overall leaner muscle, so they are referred to as the breed H. sapien Amissa. The breed has too become the dominant species of their planet, even over the natural sapient hominid life on Mandara: the Duseimoh.



On Mandara, some humans have split off and used a mix of science and magic to alter their froms to be more animalistic. Because their metaphorsis affects them at the the genetic level members of their society are actually a multitude of breeds under various new species, some that can crossbreed and others that can't. See Herminian


Like all sapient species there is a chance Existential Anomalies may be born of them. Strangely enough, more Anomalies have descended from Humans than any other known species with six alone coming from normal parents around the same time despite the odds for each being 0.00000000000000000000000000008%. Though a few do descend from Bob, the bloodline has been watered down too much to human for it to be impactful on the odds. See Anomaly


Nephillim can come from demons (Madness) mating with any entropic hominid to evolve, but they seem to be fond of bredding with humans. It might be since the first Nephillim was the son of a human and they tend to be able to keep their lineage going for at least a few generations before Angels or their own human heroes tend to wipe them out. See Nephillim

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Humans naturally have no real powers to them. Other than being extremely adaptable, humans are as plain Jane as they come. Some humans have been known to gain special powers through various incidents, like bio-engineering, but nothing native to human genetics. Some others have retained powers through old bloodlines mixed with powerful beings that use Magic or Existentience to bypass the limits on genetic breeding, so those case don't count. All Humans have the potential to learn Magic or Existentience, but it is also limited to their natural potential unless they do something to alter that.

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Abilities can vary from case to case, but on average humans are known to be very adaptable and good at surviving. Even stranded in unknown environments, humans learn to thrive rather swiftly. They also tend to be adept at creating tools and tend to pass information memetically than genetically, so they learn fast. They also excel in the fields of medicine, which while not the best way to heal ailments and injuries is still better off than many space traveling species.

Average Strength Level Edit

*multiply by a factor of 12 for those of Mandara

Lifting Strength - ~200 lbs. [90.7 kg] | The average human can dead lift around one and a quarter their body weight, so this varies greatly.

Striking Strength - ~2000N and ~1676J | Most humans are not trained to fight, so invading the planet would be rather easy if you take Eartling arms into account

Running Speed - 12 mph [19.3 kph] | The average human in shape can be expected to run a 5 minute mile, though the population varies so much an individual may stand between 5 mph [8 kph] and 28 [45 kph]

Reaction Time - 0.25s visual; 0.17s audio; 0.15s touch | though hours of watching TV has likely lowered it for most the people you'll meet

Weaknesses Edit

Too many to count. While extremely adaptable, humans are very fragile and meet their ends easily. They need the breathe oxygen constantly, stayed topped off on nutrients and water, and die quickly after losing too much blood. Major weaknesses including stopping the heart, removing the head or stopping brain activity, arsenic, cyanide, and prolonged exposure to Madness.

Habitat Edit

Habitats: Earth [地球] (native); Mandara [曼达拉]

Earth [地球]Edit

Gravity: 9.80665 m/s^2 (32.1740 ft/s^2) or 1g
Atmosphere : Dry - 78.08% Nitrogen, 20.95% Oxygen, 0.93% Argon, 0.04% Carbon Dioxide, and other trace elements. Also contains variables of water vapor; on average there is about 0.4% of air is also Dihydrogen Peroxide.
Population: ~7.5 billion

Mandara [曼达拉]Edit

Gravity: 126.63433 m/s^2 (415.6632 ft/s^2or 12.919226g
Atmosphere: Dry: 73.23% Nitrogen, 21.05% Oxygen, 1.10% Argon, 0.12% Carbon Dioxide, and other trace elements. Also contains variables of water vapor; on average there is about 0.5% of air is also Dihydrogen Peroxide.
'Population': ~163 million


Type of Government: Between Earth and Mandara, Humans have far too many different governments to specify. Most civilizations have formed a unified homeworld government by this point in their history, which may be why they are struggling with navigating the stars. Earth ranges from Democratic based Republics to Totalitarian dictatorships. Most nations have some form of top minister, whether elected or not, who has the most influence in foreign affairs. Mandara is similar, but since they started from a single colony that branched out they tend toward only two governmental types: Trade based Unions under elected control and Parlimentary Monarchies, or a mix of the two. Both worlds have joint orginizations that help influence relations between the many nation; Earth has the United Nations and Mandara has the International Bureau of Keeping the Peace, though the latter includes more than just humans.

Technological Prowess: Varies. Earth is at the start of space travel and Mandara lost the ability to do so but has become a hub for space trade. Earth Humans are greatly advanced with medicines, have planetary flight systems, and weapons of mass destruction on the large city scale, and both biological and mechanical enhancements to their forms. Mandara realies less on medicine and traditional weaponry due to their magical abilities, but still have various types of guns. They also ships the fly through the sky much like those recently used on Earth. Mandara also has the technology to splice genes and give humans animalistic features, though this practice is taboo outside of the Herminian Empire. 

Magical Prowess: Varies. On Earth magic is very rare to come by, isn't very potent, and the knowledge is often gifted to humans by other beings. There are a few notable sorcerers of great skill and power throughout history, but most are seen as myths these days. In contrast, On Mandara magic is widely used for everyday function due to the Duseimoh sharing their knowledge in trade for technological advances, and can be very potent in the hands of many humans. Some even get powerful enough to rival the several Megaton warheads back on Earth.

Existential Prowess: Humans typically have almost no ability to use Existentience at all, even if shown how, outside of a very few outliers who have either spent prolonged time around higher beings, been gifted the abilities, or managed to fight back against Madness. Humans do on average have a fair amount of natural resistence to Entropic Existentience, though it doesn't help against anything on the Angelic or higher levels of use. This resistence is a double edged sword though, since a stubborn enough will may even stop stronger beings from being able to revert what damage has occured. In dire cases seek aid from the Mana Tree itself.


For ease, many species are refered to as human, even though it really only applies to H. sapien and the other, now extinct, species of Earth to evolve down the same path. Some might even be refered to as elves, but for the sake of the EDK TCG all sapient hominids of natural orders are type cast as Human.


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