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Ex Dynamis Chaos [EDK] in this article refers to the universe as a whole and all things it contains.  For information on the specific story go to Ex Dynamis Chaos

Ex Dynamis Chaos [EDK] is a hyperbolic parallel universe to our own where entropy dictates the lives of everyone and super-powered beings are allowed to run loose and wreak havoc whether be for good or evil intent.  Within this world the laws of thermodynamics are controlled by an invisible Entropic Field that is ever changing in balance between order and chaos much like the Chinese principle of Yin and Yang.

Ex Dynamis ChaosEdit

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Ex Dynamis Chaos follows the misadventures of a young man who goes by The Metal and his cohorts as they take odd jobs and freelance work considered too strange for everyone else and everything progresses into utter madness.

A Hymn of ValorEdit

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A Hymn of Valor is a story in the 
Ex Dynamis Chaos EDK unvierse that follows the heroic deeds of the anomalous boy known to all as Valor.  At the current time not much is known about Valor, just that he is 9 years old and uses his abiliteis to help others. 

The Outstanding Jack RabbitEdit

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The Outstanding Jack Rabbit is tale in the 
Ex Dynamis Chaos universe that follows the life of Jacqueline "Jacky" Harper after a tragic bus accident that took the lives of everyone else on board and nearly hers.  Unbeknownst to her at the time, she was rescued by an urban legend known as the White Rabbit, who saved her life by instilling her with his powers.  She quickly learned of this during a date with her boyfriend Francis, and any time the sancity of life is threated she becomes the Jackrabbit.

A Chronicling of a Planet Called Mirra'Edit

A Chronicling of a Planet Called Mirra' is a chain of stories following the events of a planet on the distant side of our Milky Way Galaxy after colonists are forced to make it their home left with no other options.  The stories mainly follow the Terzich/Riknia famliy and their effect on the planet's history.