Buck TCG Hero
Buck as he appears in Ex Dynamis Chaos
Basic Information
Given Name Unknown
Species Human
Height 5'3"
Weight 145 lb
Age Unknown
Date of Birth September 25th of an unknown year; same year as The Metal
Aliases Buck;
Occupation Freelance Hero
Locations of Operations
Place of Birth Unknown
Current Home Dallas, Texas
Previous Homes Oak Cliff [Dallas], Texas
First Appearance
Web Comic Ex Dynamis Chaos episode 3: Night Games
Buck is a supporting protagonist in Ex Dynamis Chaos and a close friend of The Metal.  He first appears in Episode 3: Night Games, and seems to have a very odd relationship with The Metal.  The entire time he complains about the situation The Metal put him in and even states that he hates him, but yet he sticks around and still helps out as much as he is needed.  It is made clear that his main job is to be a "meatshield" and take damge and aggravation off The Metal while he does his thing.  Unlike the other members shown to this point of their squad, it is evident that Buck is a fighter and is used to being in the midst of a brawl.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit


Creator's render of Buck

Buck is described as being a bit shorter than The Metal, stockier too.  Art by the creator shows him being somewhat muscular but also a bit round, having copper-blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale skin.  He typically wears the type of clothes normal people would have on, but has a black do'gi with the sleeves ripped off for training purposes.

He is a somewhat of a grouch and gets angry and pretty much anything his insane friends decide to do.  He'll even make snarky remarks himslef, but gets upset when almost anyone else does.  Buck isn't all anger though, having a laugh when he can muster it.


The Metal - Assumingly Buck's closest friend since he still follows him around regardless of all the trouble he puts him through.  He has come extremely close to death and still goes on dangerous adventures with the lunatic.
Sentri Sable - He's known Buck for as long as The Metal has, though they aren't quite as close.  Still rather good friends and allies though.
The Kidd - They're acquainted mostly through necessity due to being so close to The Metal.  They can still laugh together about the horror going on around.
Joe the Short - Buck, like many people, is not fond of Joe, but isn't allowed to do anything about it because The Metal is the only one that gets to hurt his brothers.
Shadow - The only other student under The Metal's personal martial art style.  They became friends when the three of them trained in China, though Buck isn't exactly fond of his naivety and happy-go-lucky spirit.


Ex Dynamis ChaosEdit

Long time friend of The Metal, Buck first appears in Night Games where he aides his buddy in taking out an underground fighting ring because the cops were to scared to do it themselves.  It turned out to be a sort of venus fly trap for a vampiric demon clown to lure in sustanence.  Thre night ended with a subspace highway collapsing on itself under the pressure of 20 kilotons of explosive force.

Shortly after Buck found himself locked in the mall, avoiding the choas of The Metal's underground fighting tournament.  Then he had to accompany his friends out to New Mexico as a videographer to find evidence of extraterrestrials bcause The Metal's allowance had been depleted.  Sometime after that he followed The Metal to the Lab and witnessed him slug it out with Lord Pitaya, but it ended in a draw and found himself wisked away to China for training.

During the lay over in Hong Kong, Buck had another near death experience when the gang was cornered by Jonathan Graves.  Luckily The Metal came back from a 2-guage shot gun blast to the head in time to spare them of that fate.  Once in China, they made their way into the proving grounds where Buck met Shadow.  They trained for 3 days where they were almost trampled by mystical rhinos, hunted by a crazed martial artist from a secret order, and nearly eaten by a giant, golden, flying serpent.  By the end, The Metal figured out his personal art style and taught it to the other two as they made their way home.

Once stateside, The Metal wasted no time before fighting Pitaya again, using Buck as the human cannonball to make his entrance.  The rematch ended with Pitaya's Power Enhancement Treatment Chamber blowing up with The Metal inside and leaving the Lab in a smoking mess as everyone tried to gather themselves again.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Buck is a lot tougher than an average human, but there is nothing super powerful about him.  He's is naturally tough, but most of his durability was likely achieved from being around The Metal's antics for so long.


Martial Arts - Buck has trained under various combat styles with The Metal, which have enhanced his natural fighting capability.
  • Boxing
  • Judo
  • Xing yunshi Chaun
Videographer - The Metal often does gigs and projects that needs a camera, so Buck has learned the trade out of necesity.