Anna Riknia
Anna Riknia Hero
Anna's Hero Card image
Basic Information
Given Name Annacelia Maris Riknia
Species Incomplete
Height 5'9"
Weight 178 lbs
Age 8 at first appearance (depicted at 12)
Date of Birth the 14th day of 2nd month on Mirra'
Aliases Anna
Occupation Pirate; IBKP Officer
Alliance IBKP
Family Sutel Riknia (father);

Yoko Keisura (mother); Na Riknia (brother); Mak Riknia (brother); DeciaZ Riknia (brother); Col'den (adopted brother);

Relationship Rascal (Former Boyfriend)
Locations of Operations
Place of Birth Sacred Talon Ranch, Thamia, Mirra'
Current Home Wherever her ship takes her
Previous Homes Sacred Talon Ranch
First Appearance
Web Comic Growing Up in Thamia [ACoaPCM]
Annacelia Maris Riknia is a supporting protagonist in A Chronicling of a Planet Called Mirra' and older sister of Na, Mak, and DeciaZ. She makes her first appearance in the prologue to the side-by-side novel series of the brothers called "Growing up in Thamia." From then on she can be found popping up in both brother's stories, often as an aid to Na and challenge to Mak. She is often described as a curvy woman with beauty, brains, and brawn well beyond her years. She is very similar to her brothers but is also considered the biggest pervert Na has ever met, which is likely because she has a fascination with turning her brothers into sisters and playing dress up. Anna is also known for her piloting, combat, and magic abilities.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Anna is faily tall for a woman, though short comparitively to her mother. She has long hair that hangs down to her butt that is the same "hay-like" color as her brothers Mak and Na. She is often described as being very "top heavy". She is super curvy and seen as one of the most gorgeuos people on the planet. Anna has a similar fashion sense to her brother Na wearing functional black and white work clothes and leather boots most of the time, but she often transfroms her outfit into an elaborate black and gold dress with a witch's hat before battle. She almost exclusively wears heels regardless of their practicality.

Anna would describe herself as a kind and caring person, but pretty much everyone else would disagree with her. She is insane by most standards and somewhat of a pervert. Her eyes delight at the sign of battle, she has slept around vicariously, loves to form intricate plans, and enjoys turning men into women mostly for the pleasure she finds in their turmoil. Still, everyone still likes having her around and she is loyal to the end.

Notable RelationshipsEdit

Na Riknia - Younger brother. He's technically her boss now, but that won't stop her from having fun messing with him.
Mak Riknia - Younger brother. He's tried to kill her a few times lately, but she used to turn him into a girl and play dress up so can you blame him?
DeciaZ Riknia - Younger brother. He knew Anna before his other siblings because she'd stop by and keep on eye on him. They are almost as close as Na and her. Though she is close to DeciaZ she has almost no relationship with her mother because she blames her for abandoning them.
Sutel Riknia - Father. He died when she was a runaway and she feels guilty for that.
Rascal - Dated for awhile and then dumped him off on a beach somewhere. Not on good terms.
Soi Karuna - She solicited him for sex once on their mission. Still has an attraction to him though it hasn't gone anywhere.
Zaks - Best friend. She's never had one of those before, but there is something about Zaks' wild spirit she can relate to. If he isn't meditating to calm the torrent within, they can often be found sparring or chatting on the ship.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit